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Since April is eco-month and we're all about championing other brands that are making a sustainable impact in the fashion industry, today we caught up with our friend Esther Knight; Founder of conscious clothing brand Fanfare Label. 

Fanfare Label is a sustainable British fashion brand that sets out to create powerful, positive change in the fashion industry. Not just beautiful designs, but "good" ones too. Quality clothes that last, that are seasonless and forward thinking.


What sparked you to create your own brand? 

We started Fanfare Label after seeing major issues within the industry. Fuelled by the passion to fight against human trafficking, we assist with charitable initiatives to combat exploitation and help poverty-stricken communities. I was a buyer for both designer & high street fast fashion brands and as a buyer I was the one that was dealing with and producing clothing to hit margin targets no matter what the cost was to people or the environment. Witnessing first-hand the need for urgent change in the industry and I realised rather than contributing to a broken system I wanted to be part of the solution.


Where do you take inspiration from for your collections/designs?

At Fanfare we always try to create timeless pieces that can be cherished and worn in multiple ways - opting away from fast-fashion driven trends that come and go. Avoiding the idea of trends our collections always have a deeper message behind them. Whether that is repurposing recycled materials where we know each piece will be a one-off making them more special and unique to each individual. So a lot of my inspiration stems from what message we want to give out to the world & what materials we re-use and repurpose. We combine bold and contemporary designs with a unique twist aiming to create a wardrobe of sustainable clothing that lasts.


What’s the best part of running your own brand? 

The best part of running my own Fashion brand would be the collaborative work environment that comes along with it. Partnering with charities that work to eradicate slavery from fashion supply chains, end homelessness and empower women to teach skills that will help them thrive in the workplace. Working with organisations such as IJM is just so inspiring and knowing that you’re contributing to not only the fashion industry as a whole but also changing people’s lives for the better.


What advice would you give to someone trying to dress more sustainably?

I think sustainability is a journey and should be looked at in that way. If you start making small (but significant) changes in your daily life it becomes engrained in you. Start by trying to shop small/ independent. Always be conscious of what you’re buying, and ask yourself do I really need this? Do I already have something similar? And always try researching the brands you do like before making a purchase so you can see their true ethos without falling for “green washing”.


When it comes to jewellery are you a silver or gold fan?  

I am a gold fan! But have only recently transitioned, as I’ve been wearing silver all of my life but I feel gold shows off my skin tones nicer.


Do you wear jewellery with meaning?  

I’ve actually not considered wearing jewellery with meaning before? But definitely worth looking into now. But I do believe everything has it’s own story behind it, like your constellation collection, people probably add their own personal attachment to each piece they buy and from that it adds a different meaning to every individual.


What's your one important reminder for women around the world?

Keep your character and don’t compromise on your values.

Don’t compromise on your values or character because of how someone else is acting. Being a kind person to both yourself and to others is so important but so often overlooked. That is how you bring change to any industry, that’s how you’ll stand out and that is how you’ll get noticed. Stand firm in who you are and never conform to the negative behaviour that may surround you. Be the change you want to see from the world!

Make sure you follow Fanfare Label on social media here, and check out our website here.

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