We’re celebrating what Mama Earth gave us.

When dreaming up what the third Edge of Ember X Victoria Magrath collection would look like, Victoria and our founder Lynette were immediately drawn to the Earth. We took inspiration from the sky and stars for the Cosmos collection of 2020, and the sea and sun for last year’s Paradise collab, so it felt like a natural (pun intended) transition to focus on the planet’s organic forms for this one. We named this new collection GAIA after the Greek Goddess of earth.

If you hadn’t already guessed, this jewellery lineup is totally inspired by Mother Earth’s bountiful creations. And what better way to celebrate what she gave us than by giving back to the planet?  We’ve made the decision to plant 10 mangrove trees for every order. This will not only offset carbon emissions generated by shipping, but involves the Edge of Ember community in our responsibility journey. We want to make giving back and shopping sustainably easy for you guys.

To set this up we have joined forces with Verdn, an environmental tech platform that easily embeds environmental pledges into our customer's purchases. They partner with Eden Reforestation Projects on mangrove tree planting projects in Mozambique, Madagascar and Kenya. 

Mangrove trees are native to coastal regions and grow in salt water. A single tree can remove over 300kg of C02 from the atmosphere, assuming it grows for 25 years. That is roughly 12kg of C02 per year and four times as much C02 as existing tropical rainforests, making them an important tool to mitigate climate change. The world loses a football field of forest every two seconds; so while we're burning fossil fuels and emitting C02 at the current rate, it is essential that we invest in replanting essential forests to absorb carbon. 

Eden takes a community-driven approach to its ecological restoration work: it employs local villagers to produce, plant and protect tens of millions of trees every month. This means secure employment and incomes are provided for the community and in return the communities are invested in the reforestation in their areas, with a sense of ownership to protect their forests long-term. 

We love the idea that while you’re browsing our GAIA collection, you can purchase pretty hoops and statement necklaces safe in the knowledge you’re giving back to the planet. And with an amazing 10 trees planted for every single order, what’s to stop you going back for that matching bracelet?



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