Interview with British Interior Designer, Luke Arthur Wells

Interview with British Interior Designer, Luke Arthur Wells

From our new Unity Collection, Luke and Hugh wear our Unity Coin Necklace engraved with their initials.

We caught up with British Interior Designer, and DIY master, Luke Arthur Wells, to chat about his recent engagement, things that inspire him, and his go-to fashion rules. 

Confession, we’ve been obsessed with Luke’s incredible interior style and his love for all things unique for a while now. With a clean, minimalist, and enviable taste, there’s no room that Luke cannot transform. His attention to detail when it comes to re-creating pieces he’s seen to make them his own (everything from marble coffee tables, to retro wall panelling), and his DIY mastery (yes, he made that live plant wall), have us weak at the knees.

You know what we’re like, we couldn’t resist getting a little personal with Luke, and here’s what we discovered; 


Firstly we just want to say congratulations on your recent engagement to Hugh, how does it feel?

It’s been a little weird - as soon as we got engaged, the country went into lockdown, so we haven’t even managed to see our family since it happened. Once everything gets back to normal, I’ll be super excited to start planning the wedding. 

We can’t imagine how stunning the wedding will be if you’re behind the planning, how did Hugh propose? 

We were lucky enough to get away to San Francisco just before the pandemic kicked off. I thought it might be happening, but as the holiday went on, I was sorting of losing hope. He saved it until we went to the rooftop bar of proper Hotel San Francisco - a space designed by my favourite interior designer Kelly Wearstler. The sun was setting, we had our own fire pit and , weirdly enough, Sting was on the next table to us. Hugh knows I don’t like a fuss, so he subtly slid the ring across the table to me, rather than doing the whole down on one knee in front of everyone – which was perfect for me. 

You already know we’re BIG fans of your interior style, as a designer, and DIY master, what does personalisation mean to you when it comes to jewellery? 

I like the idea of having something unique – even in interiors, I’m less likely to shop somewhere if I think everyone else does. With men’s jewellery, I want something simplistic but with enough detail to keep it interesting. Personalisation is a great way to add some decorative detail to a simple piece which doesn’t feel too ornate or over-designed. 

What's your go-to style when it comes to interiors and style?

Laid-back, but with character. I do like to think I’m a minimalist, but my mind doesn’t also process negative space that well! I’m very much into beige at the moment – there was a huge pushback against beige after the 90s as an uninspiring shade, but I love experimenting with it to make it more modern. 

As lovers of jewellery, we’re obsessed with your engagement ring, and the pieces you chose from our Unity Collection. When it comes to jewellery, do you prefer silver or gold? 

I go back and forth, but I do think that silver is a little more understated. 

We noticed that you and Hugh both have a very similar style, do you borrow from each other's wardrobes? 

Oh yes. It’s the best thing about being gay for sure.. Like borrowing your boyfriend’s hoodie, but also things you can wear to work and on night’s out. We’ve been together a long time, so we have a similar taste in most things. 

What is your first rule when it comes to fashion and jewellery?

As much as I want to say be creative and experiment, when it comes to fashion and style, I’m more about the classics. A good quality white and black t-shirt is life, and they can be easily dressed up with a nice chain. 

We recommend you head over to Luke’s Instagram page @lukearthurwells, and his website for all things interior and DIY inspo (his dog is also very, very cute).



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