Interview with Julia Mateian

Interview with Julia Mateian

It’s really interesting that you wrote a thesis on the impact of luxury brand collaborations with fashion bloggers on consumers. Had you already started your own blog at this point? Or did your thesis lead you into it?

I started my blog to better understand the universe of the blogosphere. What started as a support for my thesis and a hobby ending up being my full-time career :)

What is your favourite thing about being a fashion blogger?

The best thing has to be traveling the world (one outfit at the time ;)) while working with so many amazing brands!

You are a big fan of neutral, tonal colours - is this one of your rules of dressing?

YES!!! Although I do like to wear colours from time to time (especially during Fashion Weeks), having a neutral wardrobe is great because you can easily mix and match any piece and it always ends up being chic and timeless.




Do you have any other rules of dressing?

I love mixing high's and low's and I am totally obsessed with thrift shopping - it really helped develop my personal style as it often made me pick pieces out of my comfort zone. It's so refreshing to shop somewhere less commercial and find treasures (with friendly prices ;)). 

Would you say that Quebec has influenced your style?

Not really. In Quebec I was keeping it simple (mostly because of the weather) but it's really traveling around Europe that influenced my style. 

Will you let us into your top styling tips?

Invest in good essentials (a trench coat, a pair of knee high boots, a classic designer bag etc.). When in doubt, wear a total black (or neutral) look.

How would you describe your accessorising style?

Call me the hat lady! I am totally obsessed with any type of hat. You will also very rarely see me without sunglasses - vintage, cat-eye, aviators - love them all! In terms of jewellery, I love layering my favourite necklaces and rings. From time to time, I also like to wear a statement piece of jewellery like a chunky necklace or bling bling earrings.




And what is your go to piece of jewellery?

I like my jewellery minimal. I never leave the house without layering my favourite necklaces of the moment AND my 7 rings.

What do you love about the Edge of Ember Love Letters collection?
I'm a sucker for anything personalized so it was love at first sight with the collection - so dainty! It's also the perfect necklace for layering!


Images from @juliamateian Instagram.

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