Meet Curvy Nyome

Meet Curvy Nyome

Meet plus-size model and activist Nyome Nicholas-Williams @curvynyome, and face of our new Liberty Collection.

Strong, powerful and confident, Nyome embodies the spirit of the collection. Liberty is inspired by self-love, the importance of embracing your beauty and body, and encouraging all women to do the same.


Did we mention that Nyome took on Instagram this year to fight their body censorship rules...and won?!
Our new Liberty Collection is inspired by self-love, the importance of embracing your body and beauty, empowering and encouraging other women to do the same. And of course we had to get Nyome involved.



When do you feel your best?

When I'm modelling and breaking barriers and stereotypes.

What was your biggest achievement of 2020?

I would say it was changing the instagram policy on ‘semi nude’ images and how they are processed. It took a team to make it happen; Gina Martin, Alex Cameron and myself relentlessly worked together to change the policy while in lockdown.

Do you like to wear jewellery with meaning?

I always wear jewellery with meaning, whether it's custom made or pieces that use reclaimed metals.

How do you stay positive?

I stay focused on all of the amazing people I have in my life and thankful for all of the life changing opportunities I've been afforded. Focusing on how fortunate I am always leaves me with a sense of gratitude and positivity.

What’s your goal for 2021?

To keep changing mindsets within the world/fashion industry and the narrative surrounding plus sized black bodies.


One self-love tip you recommend?

Make time for yourself in any way that centres you ONLY.

What’s your favourite kind of jewellery?

Chunky signet rings are definitely my go-to.

Golden girl or silver siren?

Silver siren, always.

What’s an important reminder for all women around the world?

That you are one of one. There is nobody quite like you and that is your power, so own that fact.

Who's your idol?

My mother is my idol, she is the most fearless, strong, kind hearted and beautiful human.


Check out our new Liberty Collection here.
You can find Nyome here: @curvynyome

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