Love for Nova Lana

Love for Nova Lana

Boho, fun, flirty, sun-kissed. That is Farina Opoku in a nutshell. She is from Hamburg and is one of Germany’s biggest bloggers, a fashion and media powerhouse in her own right. Having tried and tested top fashion and beauty brands, she is now launching her own fashion label Farina Opoku, which we are super excited to check out.



We love Farina for her playful approach to fashion. Flirty dresses and feminine colours- she’s the girl next door with a ton of added sass! She’s always seen with an enviable decolletage of gold necklace layers, and we recently spotted her with her F Initial necklace from our Love Letters collection. She pairs it with medallion and coin necklaces, showing off a well curated and effortlessly stylish layered look.



Images from @novalanalove Instagram

Shop Farina's favourites: F Initial Necklace, Coin Necklace  


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