Recipes, rituals and a really rad girl crush

Recipes, rituals and a really rad girl crush

Danielle Copperman in Edge of Ember


As far as job titles go, that of model-chef-nutritionist-entrepreneur-author doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue. These are the many hats of Danielle Copperman, the gorgeous Brit, and founder of quinoa-based breakfast goods, Qnola.

Trained in diet & nutrition, holistic massage and Strala yoga (two more hats,) Danielle has documented her journey to a more nourishing, harmonious and sustainable way of life covering topics such as food, wellness, sustainability, mental health, waste and beauty.

If ever there was an expert on ‘effortless modern thrivance,’ as she calls it, Danielle would be it. We connected with Danielle’s considered and conscious choices and her attitude towards fallibility  “a realistic ambassador for a balanced and better way of living, not a perfect one,” she says. Read on for our interview...


Wellbeing and natural living is at the heart of what you do. Have you always been focused on this kind of lifestyle?

No, not really! At school and growing up I was always naturally super skinny and I hated it, so I used to eat loads of junk food. I have always been active, but I didn't grow up around spiritual teachings or anything like that, so most of what Ipractice these days is self-discovered and self-taught, or picked up through training, reading or teachers and gurus.


You have recently been spending some time in the countryside - do you find this escape as important as eating naturally and holistically?

Yes, oh 100%. I have only noticed it recently, but i am so attached to nature and being in the countryside, with fresh air, space and green, i am instantly transformed. I become less stressed and more focused, and my skin also gets better and brighter, i swear.


Danielle Copperman in Edge of Ember


You started your journey by tackling your eating habits, has this since affected other areas of your life? I know you are also interested in sustainable fashion?

Yes, it started with food and fitness, but soon developed into a more holistic journey, looking at energy, stress, style, beauty and all other areas of my life. I am now more conscious than ever to make the best and most positively impactful decisions in my diet, fitness, relationships, career, sustainability, style, beauty, travel, and so on. It is all part of individual wellbeing, and all contribute to the wellbeing of the wider picture - the planet and all other living things.


What are 3 tips you would give to someone looking to adhere to this lifestyle?

Take it slowly and don't make drastic changes all at once. Also, take time to research and educate yourself. if you truly understand why you are making changes and what impact they will have, you will be more likely and more committed to sticking to them.


What are your go-to sustainable brands?

So, so many, and thankfully so many more brands are emerging doing ethical things and things that make a difference. I love Ecoage, girlfriend, allbirds, oxfam, madara, RMS beauty, Twelve beauty, MV beauty, nude by nature, bare minerals, and so many food brands I couldn't list even a fraction of them, but at the moment I love RX Bar, Plenish, Oatly, Violife, Ombar, Qnola :), Nush, Sunpotion, Eat Real, and so many others.


I've noticed you are a big jewellery fan, what are your must haves?

Ah, i'm obsessed. I always have small hoops in my ears, and big statement earrings are my go-to to lift a casual outfit, day or night. I also love stacking a few rings, and layering necklaces which I wear all day and all night. I used to hate bracelets but recently i've found some lovely chain bracelets which i never take off. I'm also definitely a gold girl, too.


Do you have one piece of jewellery that you couldn't live without?

A few of my staple necklaces. I feel naked without them.


Danielle Copperman in Edge of Ember


What three words would you use to describe your style?

Chilled, chic and minimal


Congratulations on writing a book! What inspired you to write Well Being?

I think it all comes down to everything I've been through in the past 5-10 years. I began my journey into wellness through diet and fitness, and this developed into a passion in holistic and alternative teachings. I trained in Strala yoga and holistic massage, as well as diet and nutrition, and within this time I went through all kinds of things, such as damaging relationships and severe stress which i came to realise were having negative affects on my wellbeing. It was here that i discovered the connection between body and mind, the physical and mental, and i became so inspired to learn more and then share more. The inspiration behind the book is to provide simple rituals adapted to fit into modern life, to enhance energy levels and positivity, and to reduce stress - ultimately. The recipes in the book are intended to show the power of natures ingredients, and to encourage people to take care of their wellbeing through the power of (mostly) plants, and all-natural, pure and nourishing meals. For me, it is a mixture of food, movement, mindfulness and other holistic, traditional rituals that contribute to our wellbeing, so without prescribing one set formula, the book is designed to offer people something to help them through different phases of their lives, not necessarily just now but also in the future. A manual to empower and educate people to take control of their lives, both physically, mentally and spiritually.

You are also a full time model, holistic chef and nutritionist and entrepreneur, how do you fit it all in?

I manage, somehow! I am my own boss in all areas of my life which makes it easy to combine things, and means I can be quite flexible. It's a struggle, and I'm constantly feeling overwhelmed and off-topic, distracted by a million things at once, but it keeps me busy, and i love every aspect of what i do, so its all worth it; it's good stress!


What would your advice be to women looking to start their own businesses?

Start now, and start small. Don't be intimidated and don't fear not being ready or capable. I feel like im not ready or not capable pretty much on a daily basis, but if you want to do something, you've go to do something. Don't worry too much, trust the process and don't rush. every step and every challenge is part of the journey and is an essential part of building what you want to build, as it authentically should be.





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