Responsibility Progress Report: 2022 Q2

Responsibility Progress Report: 2022 Q2

The launch of our 2022 Responsibility Report was a big step in our sustainability journey. Ever since Edge of Ember was founded in 2014 we’ve made business decisions based on their social and environmental impact. However, this year we decided to be more transparent with our audience (that’s you guys). Sustainability is a bit of a buzzword these days, so we want to make sure that when we use the term it actually means something.

In our report, we mapped out 43 actionable goals to achieve by 2025. These goals span across the four core pillars of our responsibility framework – People, Product, Planet and Promise – and run the gamut from small (every little helps, after all) to mighty. We'll be working away at these promises behind the scenes and will keep you updated when we’ve hit them. Keep an eye out for these seasonal blog posts that will serve as a bit of a progress tracker. 

Since launching the report in late April, here's what we've achieved…


jewellery repairs workshop  jewellery repairs workshop

GOAL 22: Launch a lifetime cleaning, repairs and replating service

Progress report: Achieved - 12th May 2022

We were very excited to launch this new service in May – and not just because of all the hard work that went into setting it up! We've had a jewellery recycling programme in place for nearly four years now (it was actually the first one in the UK) but we wanted to branch out to include a repairs and restoration service. We’re not big fans of throwaway culture, and we’re obviously pretty obsessed with jewellery, so we like the idea that yours can now last even longer. Polishing up old Edge of Ember pieces in our little workshop will extend their lifetime, so that you can treasure your keepsake forever.



GOAL 23: Launch a jewellery cleaning kit, available to purchase to extend the lifetime of your piece

Progress report: Achieved - 1st May 2022

In case you missed it, we launched our very own Jewellery Care Kit in April and the feedback from you guys has been great. We’d been working on this one for a long time, researching different material options and essential tools to include, so we’re thrilled we’ve finally got there. This goal was all about giving you guys the chance to care for your Edge of Ember bits at home, extending your jewellery’s lifetime by preventing tarnishing, scratches and dust build-up – ensuring your treasures look just as shiny and new as the day you bought them. The good news is, if all else fails, or you’re dealing with a broken link or loose gemstone, you can always send it to us for repairs. We know how sentimental jewellery can be but it’s also something you should be able to live in, and this kit will help you strike that balance. 


GOAL 44: Sign up to the Fair Luxury 2022 Pledge

Progress report: Achieved - 15th July 2022

Tick, tick and tick! Launching the new Responsibility Report was all about holding ourselves accountable to the claims we make; and signing up to the Fair Luxury Pledge was an extension of that commitment. Everyone who signs up to the Fair Luxury Pledge promises to:

  • Conserve and restore the environment
  • Work in a way that is responsible, transparent and accountable
  • Play a role in educating and empowering others 

Coming soon...

Over the next few months we're working on achieving our next round of responsibility goals, including an employee volunteering policy and a stringent company-wide sourcing policy. Keep your eyes peeled for the next progress post at the end of September 2022.





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