April Birthstone Jewellery

Celebrate your birth month in style this spring, with our April birthstone pendants, necklaces and earrings. Want to show off your status as a spring baby, and all that represents? Time to accessorise with the April white topaz jewellery.

Rumour has it that topaz jewellery holds the key to creativity. With just a simple touch of bling, you can unlock the brain power you need for work deadlines, exams, and all the rest of life’s projects, big and small.

As a bonus, white topaz gemstones are also super beautiful, so style your April birthstone as a pendant, or on a glamorous set of earrings. The choice is yours. However you choose to wear your January birthstone jewellery, you’ll be looking good and doing good, with our ethically sourced, natural gemstones. Just like all our alternative collections, our white topaz earrings and white topaz necklaces are 18k gold plated, and made from recycled sterling silver. Impeccable quality, guilt-free.

Want to make your jewellery extra personal? Go ahead and personalise your jewellery by adding your initial engraving, too. You can indulge in this yourself, or make a glorious birthday gift out of our April birthstone necklaces and earrings instead — or even do both! We won’t judge. Shop our April birthstone now.

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