Evil Eye Collection

Evil eye jewellery that radiates good vibes, gets rid of bad ones, and protects the body, soul and spirit.


We've styled the much-loved evil eye feature on a variety of jewellery pieces, including our gold and silver stud earrings, gold and silver rings, gold and silver bracelets and, of course, our gold and silver charm pendants. Wear your evil eye necklaces solo, to really hold some gazes, or layer your piece with any other of our stunning necklaces. However you wish to style your evil eye jewellery, you’ll be doing so sustainably, as all of our collections are crafted from 100% recycled materials. Even our gemstones are ethically sourced!

Choose from our evil eye pendants and charms for yourself, and for your nearests and dearests. The more evil eyes out there means good vibes, multiplied, so shop our evil eye jewellery collection online today.

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