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Edge of Ember for Men

It’s been on our to-do list since the beginning, but naturally, ladies first. We’ve been working away behind the scenes perfecting our pieces for Men and we’re ready to launch our necklace collection. 


FYI, as lovers of all things shiny, we firmly believe jewellery is for anyone and everyone. Mix and match our pieces however you choose – we encourage you to spice up your outfits and embrace what makes you unique. The best way to do that is by adding a touch of silver or gold to your every day (diamonds don’t discriminate, either). 

We believe a simple chain should be part of every man’s wardrobe; whether it’s with a suit, jeans, or a tracksuit at the gym – jewellery completes any outfit. Just like socks or a watch; it’s a way for you to express yourself. 


Obviously, men have been wearing jewellery since the beginning of time; from Kings throughout history, to the ancient Egyptians, it’s nothing new, but recently we’ve noticed a huge surge in men confidently showing off their pearl necklaces, hoop earrings and chunky signet rings. Just take a look at Harry Styles, Johnny Depp or style icon Lenny Kravitz; these are men with no bare fingers, dripping in jewels and shiny metals (and occasionally a good dose of nail polish). 

At Edge of Ember, we really do appreciate a stylish man; the odd necklace or ring adds just the right amount of elegance. Because of this, we have created the following:

Our necklaces for Men collection includes six sterling silver chains; all durable and low maintenance. Whether you’re wearing them at the gym, in the pool, or in the shower; these pieces don’t ever have to be removed and will last a lifetime of adventures (and aftershave).  

  • Curb Chain  is subtle and versatile; this is the go-to necklace for understated chic. Loosen your collar and show it off. 
  • Coin Necklace is yours to personalise; engrave it with initials, numbers or keep it classic and leave it blank.  
  • Snake Chain is pure simplicity- wear it every day. It works with any outfit; trakkies or trouser suit.
  • Cable Chain features wide links; ideal for layering if you’re planning on going for that effortless multiple chain look. 
  • Oval Enamel Necklace features a silver pendant with black enamel along the border- another one you can personalise.
  • Anchor Chain is also simple, but something people will definitely notice. It’s also available in gold.

(it’s almost Christmas; treat yourself, your boyfriend, brother or the lucky man in your life). 

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