Kamala Harris and The Big Pearl Comeback Kamala Harris and The Big Pearl Comeback

Kamala Harris and The Big Pearl Comeback

There are two women we've got our eyes fixated on right now; Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris and the Poet and Activist Amanda Gorman who delivered the inspiring spoken word piece' 'The Hill We Climb' at President Biden's inauguration last month. And, in case you didn't know, Gorman has revealed she'll be running for President in 2036. Obviously, we're 100% rooting for her.

We look up to these women for so many reasons; not only have they broken barriers, leaving their mark on history, but they encapsulate everything it means to be a female boss; intelligent, influential, confident and respected. But, aside from that, we couldn't help but notice their appreciation for precious pearl jewellery pieces. 


On Inauguration day, Gorman was wearing a pearl ring, gifted to her by Oprah, whilst Harris wore pearl earrings paired with a matching necklace; her signature accessory for the past 35 years. Following in their footsteps, Jennifer Lopez wore pearl earrings for her performance, whilst First Lady Jill Biden joined in by wearing pearls embellished on her dress collar. Clearly, there was some sort of pearl-memo doing the rounds that week.


We're sure you've noticed that since Summer 2020, both men and women can't seem to escape the allure of pearls; once considered an old-fashioned, has-been office-outfit staple, the jewellery of the sea is now more in demand than ever.

Wear them with jeans, joggers, or a power trouser suit; we're not judging. There are no age, occasion, gender or outfit limitations when it comes to the humble pearl. 

So, in the spirit of Harris, it's safe to say you just can't go wrong with a little touch of pearl.

Check out our pearl edit here.

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