Meet the Founders of foam. Meet the Founders of foam.

Meet the Founders of foam.

We've been busy catching up with two of the founders from our favourite candle brand; foam.

Sisters, Maddy & Georgia, started foam during the first lockdown in 2020. Maddy would make the candles and Georgia would be helping out with admin bits all the way in Australia. Due to COVID Georgia came home and they have been a double act ever since!

You've most likely seen their iconic bubble candle designs all over Instagram. Everything is done by hand in their studio in Worcestershire from pouring the candles to packing.

Why did you start Foam?

Foam launched in August 2020, when a quarantine hobby turned into a little business. Whilst I was on furlough from my job as a beauty therapist, I was helping my boyfriend set-up his new studio where he creates bespoke furniture out of wood and metal. This inspired me to set up my own creative venture. With a love of candles and a desire to create something which related to my experience in the beauty industry, I began hand-pouring soy wax bubble candles. Georgia then came home from Melbourne, Australia to help and we’ve been a double act ever since! 

What does sustainability mean to you/the brand?

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We think through every daily process and if we can’t continue doing that process forever, then it’s not sustainable. Our candle boxes are made from the unwanted cardboard from a local business and our bubble wrap is biodegradable. We’re very lucky that we are able to melt down all our imperfect candles to ensure there’s no waste! 

Do you have other craft talents aside from candle making?

I originally wanted to go into fashion when I left school, but found I was too much of a home bird to go off to university, so I decided to study Art and Design at college instead. Both myself and Georgia have worked in the beauty industry, so we have quite creative backgrounds. However, candle making is the first real craft we have pursued and we hope to discover more in the future!  

What inspires Foam candles?

Textures and dreamy pastels. We also love the Scandinavian interior styles! 

Do you have anything exciting coming up?

Yes! We have more candle designs coming soon and so many ideas for the future – we can’t wait to share them with you!   

Silver or gold jewellery?

Maddy: I’m not sure if it’s the done thing, but I can’t choose and always wear silver and gold at the same time! 

Georgia: I love silver for everyday and gold on a special occasions!


How do you create your products?

We hand pour natural soy wax into our silicone moulds and use eco cotton wicks and dyes. We also lightly scent our candles with Sandalwood Vanilla. 

What inspired the interior style of your studio?

Candle making is definitely a messy process, so we wanted to make sure the space was practical, but also light and airy with pops of colour. We love the Aykasa crates as they’re perfect for storage but also add pretty pastels to our space. 

What does jewellery mean to you?

It’s the perfect way to add personality to any outfit. We also love giving and receiving jewellery as a gift because of the sentimental value it holds. 

What will you be doing on June 21st?

It’s my birthday on 24th June so I’m hoping that we will have started the celebrations and sat in a bar drinking cocktails! But realistically, we will most probably be in the studio making candles!

Check them out on @foam__home or online here

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