More is More: The art of ring stacking More is More: The art of ring stacking

More is More: The art of ring stacking

We are huge proponents of the stacked ring here at Edge of Ember HQ, as well as stacked earrings, necklaces, bracelets and so on and so forth. Basically, we want to wear all of our favourite things all at once, so we design pieces to be mixed, matched, layered and stacked together.

Through trial and error, countless photoshoots and design meetings, we feel like we have this whole ring stacking thing down, so read on for our top tips on pulling off an expert stack.




Match your metals but mix your gemstones:

We like to use the same metals in our ring stack to create a cohesive base, so we made sure all of our stacking rings are solid 14k gold (plus, these better withstand daily wear and tear, and you best believe we wear these all day every day.) To avoid uniformity, we like to mix our gemstones – pink sapphire next to ruby, next to blue topaz and so on. We even mix them within the same pieces, like our Black and White Sapphire Ring or our Rainbow Gemstone Ring set with 5 differently coloured gemstones.


How to: a guide to stacking rings




Embrace your delicate side:

We’re in support of thin, delicate stacks to avoid the look getting too busy. Plus, we don’t want to be weighed down with a bunch of cocktail rings obstructing everyday activities like reaching in our bags for a travel card or packing your orders in perfectly folded tissue paper.


How to: a guide to stacking rings 




Think laterally:

Don’t just stack vertically up one finger, stack horizontally along all your fingers. If you’ve chosen five perfect stacking rings, don’t pile them all together and leave your other fingers naked and lonely – stack two on your index finger, two on your middle, and one on your ring finger. Just don’t wear one ring per finger, unless you want a really useless knuckle duster. 


How to: a guide to stacking rings




Size down:

Our stacking rings come in as many as 5 different sizes, so instead of opting for the same size in all of your rings, create a midi ring by sizing down.  Midi rings work best on the middle and index fingers – we’re not sure why, just trust us.


How to: a guide to stacking rings




Ease off the accessorising:

Piling on a stacked ring, plus an arm party, plus a curated ear can be a visual DISASTER. Add a couple of delicate bracelets to your opposite arm or go totally bare to let your stacked rings sing.


How to: a guide to stacking rings




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