Preserving Nepalese Craftsmanship Preserving Nepalese Craftsmanship

Preserving Nepalese Craftsmanship

Here at Edge of Ember, we champion traditional craftsmanship and work with artisan organisations that are committed to that and ethical production.

One of our partner workshops is based in Patan, the arts and crafts hub of Nepal. The founder of this workshop, Pravin, focuses on preserving traditional Nepali craftsmanship and supporting local artists and artisan. His mission is to showcase and preserve Nepali arts and craftsmanship, with an importance placed on valuing the makers behind the products.


“I think it’s very important to know what you wear, what you buy, what you consume, where it comes from, who made this.” – Pravin, Founder of the organization


The organisation consists of two workshops, one dedicated to textiles and the other focusing on jewellery, metalwork and paper crafts. Pravin also set up a five storey gallery in the heart of Patan, showcasing the work of the artisans and giving them the limelight they deserve.

More than just a commodity, the handmade products are crafted with love and care by talented artisans who are dedicated to creating beautiful high quality handicrafts.



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