The Charmers Collection The Charmers Collection

The Charmers Collection

Our Charmers collection just got a whole lot more charming. Introducing three new designs – the Visionary Necklace, the Solar Necklace and the Eternity, modern-day talismans carrying icons of good fortune, prosperity and longevity.



Based on vintage coins and charms collected by our founder Lynette in her native Singapore, each piece bears a traditional symbol carrying its own unique story.



The lexicon of symbols draws upon natural elements, ancient icons and eastern myths. Our new Visionary Necklace has a sapphire evil eye to protect you from negative vibes, the Solar Necklace, with its microcosmic galaxy symbolises your dreams and aspirations, and the Eternity Necklace has intertwined eternity symbols representing lasting affection (wear it for a loved one – but hey, wear it for yourself too.)



Whilst staying true to these fascinating myths and superstitions, we wanted to translate them into modern, wearable tokens to provide hope, protection, strength or whatever else you require. And yes, layering them will make you literally invincible.

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