Your May Birthstone - The Story behind Emerald & Green Onyx Your May Birthstone - The Story behind Emerald & Green Onyx

Your May Birthstone - The Story behind Emerald & Green Onyx

Heatwaves, frosé, and backyard bank holidays, the month of May has arrived. 

Geminis, you might be the liveliest of the star signs, and Tauruses the complete opposite, but let us introduce you to some common ground... 

Say hello to emerald and green onyx gemstone jewellery; your May birthstone. 

Green Onyx Charm Necklace



If you didn't know already, Emerald is the official Stone of Successful Love, worn to open up the heart and soothe the spirit. Bringing energy into your life and a spring in your step. This is a beautiful and vibrant green stone, that oozes unconditional love and compassion. In fact, in ancient Greece and Rome, it was said to be the gemstone of the goddess Venus and considered the source of eternal life.

Might we suggest our Intuition Ring, or Emerald Gold Huggie Earrings for you Taureans and Geminis out there. Gorgeous, striking pieces inspired by a greatly admired, strong and powerful woman...ring any bells?

Green Onyx

Onyx is naturally obtained from rocks as a result of silica depositioning in lava gas cavities and it comes in many different colours, including its green variant. 

Coloured by minerals, this stone is popularly used to get rid of negative vibes (yay), and relieve us from stress (double yay).

Green onyx is more than just a pretty face. This semi-precious gemstone is also considered to possess physical healing properties. It was used by both ancient Greek and Roman soldiers to protect them during battle and its name derives from the Greek word for ‘fingernail’... don’t look at us like that, it’s 100% true.



Crafted using a thick layer of 18K gold plating on sterling silver and a luscious green onyx (known as the nurturing gemstone), this Green onyx May birthstone necklace is the perfect gift for our May babes.

To add a more personal touch we love to pair the Green Onyx Charm Necklace with our wide selection of Initial Charms. Whether gifting a friend, or just having a ‘treat yourself’ moment, this is the ultimate birthstone for good vibes.

Oh, and one last thing - our bestselling 18k gold plated coin necklaces are now engraveable with any star sign. Get to it, May babes.

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