Meet Our Makers Meet Our Makers

Meet Our Makers

The people behind our jewellery

There are real people behind the jewellery we make. We already know how great they are, but it’s about time you did too. More than just makers, they’re part of our community, working with us to create beautiful jewellery in the most ethical and sustainable way.

Our Makers

A Shared Vision

We’ve always been committed to making jewellery that doesn’t harm other people or the world around us. So when it comes to our factories, we only choose to work with those that share our vision of a more positive future in fashion.

From India to Hong Kong, Germany to Thailand, we made it our mission to find organisations with the finest craftsmanship, that always put fair and advanced pay, safe working environments, unbiased and equal treatment of men and women and rigorous environmental care first. 

Our Makers

Happiness Wins

The most beautiful things are born out of happiness, right? And we know it’s our responsibility to make sure that positivity is always flowing in our factories. That’s why we carry out independent social audits on all our facilities, covering everything from the number of women holding senior roles and employee benefits such as health insurance and maternity leave, to their recycling methods and environmental initiatives.

There’s always more to do. And as we grow, our dedication to ethical and sustainable production remains unwavering.

We’re constantly refining our production processes, materials and environmental initiatives, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated with our progress along the way. 

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