Our story started in Singapore, and like in many other Asian countries, an integral part of Chinese culture is using your zodiac animal to determine your fortune for the year ahead. 

Your birth year determines your animal sign. Born in 1990? You're a Horse! 1982 baby? You're a Dog. This tradition has existed for more than 2000 years, with different meanings and characteristics attributed to each of the 12 animal signs. 

We have created our own Chinese Zodiac chart below, so that you can find out your zodiac animal easily and the associated characteristics. 

And in true East meets West style, we have designed 12 very lovable zodiac animal engraving symbols. So go on and scribe your zodiac onto your favourite EOE piece and get lucky for this year ahead.

2020, the year of the Rat

As the first sign of the zodiac, a Rat year means a year of renewal.

And it looks like all zodiac signs are in for a good year, new opportunities for finding true love and earning more money will be in store for us all. We are ready and waiting for both!