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Our Makers

We collaborate with a network of skilled artisans and small-scale factories globally to make our jewellery.

Jaipur, India

We partner with an artisan organisation based in Jaipur, the centre of jewellery craftsmanship. They employ marginalised artisans from underprivileged communities, helping them to improve their everyday living standards and become self-sufficient. There are 18 jewellery artisans, who get paid about 2x the minimum wage in India when they work on orders. While men do the majority of the jewellery metalsmithing work, 12 out of the 15 office workers in the organisation are women.

The artisans get life and medical insurance, and are paid an advance of about 40% of the production order value before they start working on it. This early income allows them to buy materials and have more financial stability.

The organisation not only organises regular skills training for the artisans, they also provide new machinery and equipment to help the artisans develop more sophisticated jewellery pieces, thus allowing them to earn a higher wage.

The sales from the jewellery fund the operating activities of a non-profit founded by the workshop, called SETU Society. Focused on helping the marginalised members of society in India, SETU run projects like literacy classes for women, infrastructural development programmes and computer training for children in their villages.

All of these initiatives aim to give independence to these communities in order to lift themselves out of poverty.