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Our Makers

We collaborate with a network of skilled artisans and small-scale factories globally to make our jewellery.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This Chiang Mai-based workshop was founded 25 years ago and is run by a French father-and-son duo. What started as a small jewellery production business in a garage, is now a thriving workshop that works with the local community. They employ about 90 people, 90% of these are Thai locals that make up both the management and artisan positions, and about 80% of the workforce is female.

All employees have regular working hours and are paid a local living wage that is 1.5 to 2 times the legal minimum. They benefit from a social security program, get free medical care. and get daily food and gas allowances. The offices are air conditioned, with an outdoor area for the heavy machinery part of production, and both areas have proper safety regulations in place.

Because of the favourable work environment and benefits, most of their workers have been with them for more than 10 years.

The making of molds, 3D files and casting are all done inhouse by a team of trained metalsmiths. When new artisans are recruited, they are trained by experienced team members to do more intricate work. Most of the heavy casting is done by men, while the women are in quality control, assembly and office roles.