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We are on a mission

Edge of Ember is an accessories brand that creates well-made, luxury jewellery with a positive production story.

We are for fashion that looks and feels good, that does not come at the cost of the people who make it or the world we live in.

What’s so feel-good about it?

We're glad you asked.

Our accessories come with a clear conscience – no nasty stuff goes on behind the scenes. Our designs go on an adventure of their own from conception in our London studio to creation at our partner workshops in developing communities globally.

We collaborate with a network of skilled artisans from India, Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand to make our jewellery. This empowers the artisans with a sustainable livelihood, by allowing them to practice their trade independently and not get replaced by mass-production factories.

And we treat our artisans (and our planet) in the same way we’d like to be treated ourselves – with respect.

That means socially responsible practices like:

• No child labour – ever

• Safe and healthy working conditions

• Fair and advanced payments that exceed the local living wage

• Sustainable raw materials wherever possible

Why we do what we do

We don't want to be part of this fast-fashion culture where no one knows where their clothes and accessories come from. Our fashion choices have a real impact on people and the environment.

So we make sure that all our production processes are kind to the people that make it. So that everyone's a winner – us, our makers and you our customers.

So who's behind all this?

Founded by Lynette Ong, Edge of Ember was created to show that quality designer jewellery can be achieved without compromising on socially responsible practices. Inspired by the craftsmen she saw during her travels around Asia, Lynette ditched her finance job and got her hands dirty learning the art of jewellery making and design.

She continues to work with artisans in Asia today, keeping her connected with her own heritage while honouring the place where Edge of Ember was born.