Oct 2018

Amanda Holden's Necklace Layers

Even though Amanda Holden has been known to judge a thing or two on  Britains Got Talent, her acting career (along with singing, presenting, and all the other amazing things she does) has put her on the centre stage of a lot of people looking for the right and wrong.

With the holiday season approaching, you might want to know the rights and wrongs of what to buy your lovely lady. Whether you‘re getting tired of always fiddling with that clasp and looking to invest in some fuss-free jewellery or you look to stars like Amanda for some tips on what toand what not towear, here are some snapshots of what Amanda Holden was wearing:


amanda holden Charm necklaces

You don‘t have to wear an extravagant dress to play up this gold coin necklace. This design, as fashion-forward and stylish as it is, can easily be played down, as you can see Holden does here in just a simple beach-going ensemble. She also adds the celebrity gold necklace with another timeless A initial necklace to complete the necklace-layering trendwhich is a wonderful jewellery idea that goes a long way.


amanda holden Medallion necklaces

Whether you‘re looking for accessories to power up your work attire or want to draw inspiration from that Amanda Holden style, this BGT star really knows how to throw together an outfitaccompanying-pooch and all! This simple gold necklace ties together the entire black and white outfit by adding a bit of glam and sparkle, making a dog-day that much brighter. You can also easily swap this gold coin necklace she's wearing with our  Hunter necklace for another on-trend look.


Modern Layering necklace


Even if you‘re going out on a late-night doughnut run -- as Holden does here --, you can easily slip on this golden necklace to make even your grungiest look turn chic. Even though these quick-bite treats aren‘t that good for you, at least she‘s wearing a piece from our jewellery collection that is good for the planet.

Some days turn into doughnut-run nights, some TV appearances are cringe-worthy, and sometimes, you look amazing bikini-clad with a sunkissed tan. However, at the end of the day—just like Amanda, we‘re not perfect, but we do try out best.

Our necklaces are just a simple reminder that all it takes is a couple of seconds after-thought to complete not only your outfit but also your day, making it shine just a little brighter.

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