The foundations of arm and ankle accessorising and the ultimate never-taking-it-off piece. Shop these bracelets and anklets in sterling silver or gold vermeil.

Take a browse through our stunning collection of chain bracelets to choose the best pieces for your set. Summer means short sleeves and showing off what you've got, so stock up on your faves from our selection of solid gold bracelets and silver bracelets. You'll be looking good and doing so sustainably, as every single feature of our bracelet sets is made from 100% recycled materials. Even our gemstones are ethically sourced. You can flash your gorgeous anklets and bracelets wherever you go, guilt free. To find some companionable rings and earrings to complete your look, take a browse through our alternative jewellery collections, as listed below:

- Rings

- Necklaces

- Hoop Icons

- Drop Earrings

- Initials Jewellery

Pick some pretty pieces for yourself, and then treat your friends and family. Our statement chain bracelets are the staple everyone needs this year. Shop our bracelet sets online today.

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