Sustainable Diamonds

Luxury without compromise. Crafted using 100% recycled gold, exclusively using lab-grown diamonds, made to be worn day in, day out.

Our lab-grown diamonds are pretty much the real deal — they're visually, atomically and chemically identical to a mined diamond, allowing for the same durability and stunning finish. Cut, polished and worthy of your wearing, you can style your diamonds on a cute set of studs, or adorn your neckline with one (or two!) of our signature diamond necklaces. Even better, our diamond earrings, necklaces and rings are all crafted from 14k recycled gold, which means that every inch of your new jewellery is sustainable. It’s time to look good, guilt-free.

You can choose the best type of jewellery material to accommodate your diamonds. Browse our 14k Solid White Gold, 18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver collections to find the perfect piece, and then choose something special for your friends and family too. Diamonds, after all, are a girl’s best friend. Shop our Conscious Diamond Collection online today.

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