The Pierced Collection

Upgrade your ear stack with fine piercing earrings, crafted with 14k recycled gold, lab-grown diamonds and ethically sourced gemstones.

We have a vast variety of ear piercing styles to choose from — classic studs, hoops and delicate drop earrings — available in a range of shapes, sizes and styles. If you're all about your gemstones and the precious meanings they hold, we’ve got plenty of jewellery adorned with those too! Take a look at our birthstone collection to find your stone, and then stock up your ears with the colours that represent you.

Got a lot of piercings to fill? That’s lucky, because we’ve got a lot of choice. Take a look at all of our individual piercing collections below, to narrow down your search:

- Rook Earrings

- Helix Earrings

- Tragus Earrings

- Lobe Earrings

- Daith Earrings

- Conch Earrings

Choose your favourite ear piercings and team them together to complete your ears’ signature finish. Next step is to equip your family and friends with equal glamour, by gifting them an Edge of Ember treat or two.

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