Nov 2021

What we're doing to cancel carbon

You know we hate carbon as much as you do. That's why we made it our aim in 2021 to become 100% carbon neutral across all our production and operations. And you know what? We did it! 

As a business, we realise it’s our responsibility to balance our desire to create with the importance of minimising our impact along the way— so that we can bring you the cutest, guilt-free jewellery that's still kind on the planet. 

To make that happen, any carbon we can't minimise ourselves we offset with carbon credits by investing in global initiatives that that do brilliant things. Want to know more about our chosen projects? Keep scrolling!


1. Indonesian Peatland Restoration, Indonesia (Carbon Rating AAA-)

The Katingan Peatland Restoration and Conservation Project works together with local communities to restore and protect at-risk Indonesian peatlands which offer large capacities of natural terrestrial carbon storage.

The benefits:

- Estimated to remove 7,451,846 tonnes of CO2e annually!

- 100% of project staff are Indonesian and 80% are local community members

- Protects the habitats of as many as 4,000 Orangutans, 312 plants, 206 birds, 77 species of mammal, 12 species of amphibians, 63 species of reptiles, and 110 species of fish!  


2. Afforestation Program, China (Carbon Rating AA+)

The Afforestation Project plants native tree species on degraded land in China helping to improve soil quality and enhance local biodiversity conservation. It also generates income and job opportunities for local communities.


- Over 20 years, it's expected to remove 13,377,665 tCO2 e of greenhouse emissions, that's an estimated 668,883 tCO2 e per year! 

- Over the project lifetime, an estimated 33,000 community members will have improved skills and knowledge resulting from training provided by the project—23,100 of which will be female.

- Generates employment for 33,000 people, improving livelihoods.

- An estimated 36,500 hectares of land will benefit from improved biodiversity and soil and water conservation, improving the quality and quantity of vegetation.

- Without it the soil and water loss could be severe leading to frequently occurring mudslides and floods.


3. Waste Management to Energy, India (Carbon Rating AA+)

This project processes solid waste to generate clean, renewable energy while reducing methane emissions and increasing recovery of metals and other recyclable materials.


- Helps to avoid landfilling of around 2050 tons of MSW per day.

- Greenhouse gas emissions will be significantly reduced from minimising methane from open landfill sites.

- Produces 20.9 MW of clean electricity, relieving the pressure on natural resources

- Improves the health standard in the city.

- Recyclable items are separated and donated to local contractors which also provides monetary benefits to the local population.

- Provides both direct and indirect employment opportunities to local people in the city. 



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