Mar 2024

Channeling Our Inner Mob Wife Opulence: The Jewellery Edit

Remember the glamorous excess of the 80s, with its larger-than-life jewellery and audacious fashion? Well, it's back – with a modern twist – thanks to the trending #mobwifeaesthetic (thank you, TikTok). This season, ditch the minimalism and embrace opulent pieces that exude confidence and power.

Inspired by the iconic style of the Sopranos and the recent surge of interest in the show, the "mob wife" aesthetic is all about making a statement. This doesn't mean you have to go all out head-to-toe, but incorporating key jewellery pieces can instantly elevate your look and add a touch of drama.

Here's your guide to mastering the "mob wife" jewellery trend:

1. Statement Earrings Are Key

Forget the delicate studs – for this look, go big or go home. Think chunky yellow-gold hoops, a timeless symbol of power and sophistication. Opt for oversized silhouettes (like our Oversized Hoop Earrings in 14k gold) that frame your face and instantly elevate your look from casual to captivating. Own your earrings, and let them speak volumes about your fierce and unapologetic spirit.

2. Layer Up with Bold Chains

While statement chains are a popular choice, intricate and vintage-inspired designs like twisted ropes, mariner links, or curb links with diamond accents

Create a sophisticated "mob wife" vibe with statement chains. We've got the Anchor Chain, Twist Chain, Chunky Rope and Mini Rolo Chain. Take a cue from Jennifer Lopez and layer different lengths and textures for maximum impact. Maybe even finish the look with a string of pearls - like our Mirage Pearl Necklace.

3. Diamonds Speak Volumes

Nothing says "mob wife" better than diamonds - known for their timeless and commanding presence. Our diamonds designed to be worn everyday, so stack them up. Several pavé diamond earrings, diamond rings, and of course the essential tennis bracelet. A classic and versatile piece, the tennis bracelet gets a "mob wife" makeover when you stack multiple ones together.

With these pieces in your arsenal, you're ready to channel your inner "mob wife" and embrace the season's bold and glamorous jewellery trends. Remember, confidence is key, so rock your chosen pieces with style and enjoy the feeling of opulence.



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