Oct 2020

In the Frow x Edge of Ember - The Story Behind the Cosmos Collection



Our friendship started years ago when Victoria started wearing some of our favourite celestial-inspired pieces like the Solar Charm Necklace. After deciding to collaborate and design a collection together, we've been working hard since March to bring you the Cosmos Collection


“We have built a very organic relationship with Victoria over the years - this is our first collaboration and Victoria is really the perfect partner.  She embodies what our brand stands for. She's such style icon and shares our passion for sustainability."

- Lynette Ong, Edge of Ember Founder




Victoria, why did you choose to work with Edge of Ember on your first ever jewellery collection?

I have admired and worn Edge of Ember for a number of years, I love their positive production story and personalised designs and have always longed to work with them on our own line.


How did the collaboration between Edge of Ember and Inthefrow come about?

The collaboration was a product of video call at the height of lockdown, when we were all discussing how much we missed our friends and families. We toyed with the idea of creating a collection with designs that made us feel connected to friends and family even though we couldn’t be together.

This collection is a product of our emotions during a trying time and has been created with a lot of care, consideration and thought for those who are in need of a pick-me-up or symbol of hope!




"It is the idea of togetherness that has impacted and inspired me the most. We have one sun, one moon, one earth - no matter where we live or who we are, we are all in this world together and it is our duty to treasure our collective communities." 




What was it like designing a jewellery collaboration collection during a global pandemic?

Conceptualising and designing a jewellery collection during a global pandemic was really refreshing! I shall always look back at this collection and feel grateful for the opportunity It gave me to unleash my creativity and engage in such a therapeutic experience, especially on the days when I really missed my friends and family and craved that emotional connection.

What’s the inspiration behind the collection?

Connectivity and my love for the night sky. As a child I was completely and utterly obsessed with becoming an astronaut! I have always been fascinated by constellations and their symbolism, and as a teenager even had posters of Orion on my wall.

Are you pleased with the final result?

I am always in awe of the way in which we as humans can learn to adapt to our circumstances, I think it is one of our greatest abilities.


"If you had told me I'd be designing a jewellery collection using sustainable materials via video calls I would have told you it was impossible...but here we are!" 


After numerous calls, moodboards, sketches, time and thought, we are incredibly proud of what we have produced together, a continuous reminder of our strengths as human beings to overcome and persevere.


What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

My favourite pieces from the collection are the Orion Ring, Orion Pendant and the Halo Hoops. The Orion Ring is a very sentimental piece to me and a piece that I have dreamed of owning for many years. It represents my dreams, from being a little blonde haired girl in the depths of Manchester staring up at my ceiling, adorned with glow in the dark stars, to being the business woman I am today, laying on a blanket spotting Orion’s constellation from the garden of my first home.


Made with 100% recycled silver and ethically sourced gemstones, we hope you love the Cosmos Collection as much as we do.  





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