How to style your ear piercings

How to style your ear piercings


Upgrade your ear stack with our new Pierced Collection, a 23-piece collection crafted with 100% recycled 14k gold, lab-grown diamonds and ethically sourced gemstones. An array of dainty new earrings including thread flat back studs and huggie clickers to give you the versatility to stack and personalise your very own curated ear. 

When it comes to styling your ear party, you can't really go wrong - you do you, of course. Any kind of ear stack is a great ear stack to us. But, there's definitely a few things you might want to bear in mind to help make decisions about what type of piercing jewellery goes where.

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With so many different types of ear piercings, earrings, colours, stones and styles, it can get a little overwhelming knowing where to begin. 

First things first, it's probably helpful to know the names of the most common ear piercings and where they are positioned on the ear. 

The Lobe 

The piercing everybody knows! Whether it's your first, third or fifth lobe piercing, anything goes. Studs or huggies work, the choice is yours, making them the perfect foundation for any curated ear. Try a triple stack of the Trillion Chain Loop Earrings for something a bit different. 

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lobe piercings


Edge of Ember lobe piercings



The helix is the cartilage that runs around the outside upper part of the ear, perfect if you're wanting to make a statement. These piercings work well with huggies in particular. Classic and chic. Try a pop of colour with the Multi Sapphire Clicker Earring

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helix piercing


Edge of Ember Helix Piercing



The Tragus

The Tragus is the little part of the ear that attaches to the side of the face. An ever popular piercing, this one will get you lots of compliments. All cartilage earrings can be worn here, huggies or studs, depending on the type of look you're going for. We love a delicate stud, like the Flower Diamond Piercing Earring

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Tragus piercing


Edge of Ember Tragus Piercing


The Conch

Positioned on the inner part of the ear, located at the centre. One of the most sought after piercings, probably due to the subtle yet individual look it has, it's definitely one for the fashion crowd. It looks effortless with a simple stud and we think adding a flash of green with our Evil Eye Emerald Piercing Earring works beautifully. 

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Conch piercings


Edge of Ember Conch Piercings


The Daith  

The Daith is located in the fold of cartilage that’s just above the entrance to your ear canal. It's a bold choice. Striking yet simple. Tucked away inside the ear, it gives you the option to wear jewellery in the middle of your ear. Especially suited to a forward facing clicker, the Beaded Opal Clicker is a firm EoE Team favourite. 

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Forward Helix

The part of your helix that comes around to the side of the face, the forward helix is an eye catching piercing. Suited to all types of cartilage earrings again, our choice of studs and huggies means you can get creative. For something effortless and chic, the Sun Ray Diamond Piercing Earring is a winner. 

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Forward helix piercing


Edge of Ember forward helix



The Rook is the flat bit of cartilage located above the Forward Helix, Versatile and said to relieve stress. These look great with dainty or bold studs, depending on your style. For those of you who like to make a statement, the Black Sapphire Marquise Piercing Earring looks very cool here. 

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Rook piercings


Rook piercing studs


EoE Piercings 101

Now you know all about the different parts of the ear, here's what you need to know about our piercing earrings and how to put them in. 

how to wear piercings


Flat Thread Back Earrings

These are our stud earrings specifically designed so they can be worn in any part of the ear. With a 1mm (18 gauge) thick post, the back also features our own unique triangle shape back. Designed for maximum comfort, allowing you to wear them every day without having to take them out.

Designed to be safely used for healed piercings, all our thread back posts are 6.5mm in length. If you're planning to get a new piercing we advise using a thread back earring. Some parts of the ear will need a longer post to allow space for healing, so we recommend consulting your piercer to ask if our 6.5mm length thread back posts would work for your chosen piercing. 

Opening and closing our thread back earrings is simple, carefully screw the stud into the post back until it's tight to your ear, being careful not to apply too much pressure. 

styling multiple earrings


styling studs

Hoop Clickers

Our piercing hoops have been designed with a hinge mechanism to open and close, for a seamless look when it's in your ear. All with a 1mm (18 gauge) curved wire post, these can also be worn day and night without having to remove them. 

To put our clickers in, simply hold the top part of the hoop and gently click it open, thread the post through your piercing hole and gently click it closed. Make sure you hear the click, to make sure it is secure in your ear. We've all felt the fear of a lost earring!


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