May 2022

How to clean your jewellery

Even the most beautiful things need a little help every now and again. Enter: our jewellery care kit.


This nifty little set - complete with a bamboo brush, a polishing cloth and cleaning solution - will spruce up your gold, silver, gemstones and pearls so they stay sparkly forever (or at least until their next clean). 

Follow the simple steps below in our easy how-to guide to put the kit to good use and keep your favourite jewels sparkling. 


Step 1: Mix 1 pipette of the cleaning solution with 10 pipettes of warm water. 


Step 2: Clean your jewellery piece with the polishing cloth before soaking.


Step 3: Soak your piece in the solution for 90 seconds. 


Step 4: Wet the toothbrush in the solution and lightly brush over the surface of your piece.


Step 5: Rinse it in clean water to remove the cleaning solution. 


Step 6: Polish it with the polishing cloth to lift any remaining dirt and set aside to dry. 



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