Jun 2017

Kelly's California Vibes

A modern-day Audrey Hepburn with a Kate Spade colour palette, Kelly Lee of Kelly GoLightly inspires us with her sparkly entertaining ideas and outfit inspirations from her home in Palm Springs, California. 

You recently visited London, what was your favourite thing about the city? 

The color and charm of Notting Hill! We were lucky enough to rent an apartment in Notting Hill for a few days and it would definitely be my neighborhood of choice if we were to move to London. Of course, I’d never get anything done because I’d have to stop every three seconds to photograph the colorful doors!

What are your travel essentials when taking a long haul flight? 

My husband! Traveling with Fred Baby makes everything better, including trying to stuff my roller bag in the overhead. But other than that, I always bring a trench coat and scarf for chilly flights, comfy headphones, and download a fun book and a movie just in case the in-flight entertainment isn’t available. I also pack as lightly as possible (only carry-on always). Oh, and a few snacks! These days I go for healthier alternatives like cashews and gluten-free dairy-free chocolate bars that sound awful but are shockingly delicious. 



What would you suggest packing for a trip to LA? 

Lots of color! LA is such a vibrant city with eternally good weather, so it calls for indulging in your favorite hues. And don’t forget a hat, sunglasses and a few caftans for the pool and beyond (welcome to Caftangeles!).

If you weren't based in California, where could you see yourself living? 

Great question! We just left London are now in Paris for a bit. As I sit here in our apartment overlooking the Seine on Ile Saint-Louis on a warm summer’s day, Paris is tugging at my heart strings. However, I do tend to change my mind when it’s grey out, so I’d have to say Rome where it tends to be sunnier. The food, the atmosphere, the vespas -- if it was good enough for Audrey, it is good enough for me!

Your home is filled with colorful interiors, where is your go-to decor store? 

I love all of the amazing vintage stores in Palm Springs and have found so many gems in the desert (here are a few favorite shops). For new, I am gaga over Jonathan Adler and Trina Turk. Online, Lulu & Georgia has great finds, as does Waiting on Martha.

Do you have any tips for brightening up a room with minimum effort? 

Paint all of your walls white and then add in pops of bright, happy hues through pillows, art and accessories. Mix vintage and new and never buy everything from the same store. Change up your art every now and again. And if that doesn’t do the trick, a good martini should help, especially if it comes from a sweet bar cart!  


Images from Kellygolightly.com

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