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The Art of Necklace Layering

It’s all over Instagram and IRL (in real life). The on-trend layered necklaces look that is making girls look effortlessly cool.

Want to nail it? We are here to help. Here is a guide on how to perfect that layered look, plus lots of inspiration pics to get you going. Have fun!


Necklace Lengths

First things first. It is always handy to know where a necklace is going to sit when you’re purchasing one online (which almost all of us do these days). Is it an almost-choker, above-boobs or plunging necklace piece? We created an illustrated guide here to show you where the necklace falls. No more guessing when it comes to chain lengths.

One thing to note is that necklaces usually come with extension links so that the chain lengths can be extended. All of ours do - which gives you lots of flexibility!

1. From top down

A fool-proof way of totally nailing this is to layer by length. Start with your simple, minimal chains at the top and work your way down to the chunkier, statement pieces at the bottom.

We usually like starting the shortest layer with a plain chain or one with minimalist drop gemstones, especially if we are layering on more than two necklaces.

For the next layer, move on to a slightly bigger silhouette as it creates a more visually appealing graduation. We like using charm or initial necklaces for the second and third layers. Then top it off with the biggest piece at the bottom.


Layering necklace  Charm necklaces

1st image: Rope Gold Chain, A Initial Necklace, Journey Charm Necklace
2nd image: Rope Gold Chain, Infinity Charm Necklace


2. Mix it up

There are lots of really fun chains, and mixing them up does give that décolletage of yours extra street cred. Ball chains, snake chains, rope chains, links chains. Variety is the very spice of life here.

Combining different aesthetics, textures and weights also keeps it interesting. Put the dainty with the chunky, the minimalist with the vintage. A current trend we LOVE is medallion necklaces. They usually come with striking detail and are versatile enough to go with a white tee or a Little Black Dress. And they are all over the fashion streets now - it looks like they are here to stay for a while!


terling silver letter necklace  Medallion necklaces

1st image: S Initial Necklace, O Initial Necklace, Lumina Charm Necklace
2nd image: Gold Link Chain, A Initial Necklace, Serene Charm Necklace 


3. Lariat = Length

Want to add a twist to that layering story? Add a lariat necklace for instant length and pair it with just one shorter necklace. This combo works great with plunging necklines and button down tops. When creating a layered look, you want to create that graduated V shape, and a lariat does that effortlessly. Plus we love how this extra length is super flattering!

With a two-necklace layer, we like adding a touch of colour to the set. Here on the right the lariat necklace is set with a moonstone accent, which gives just the right amount of wow factor, yet is good for everyday wear.

Image: Luna lariat gold necklace


4. Personalise It

Putting together your super stylish necklace layer is also about making it uniquely you. And here is where you add your personalised initial necklaces for maximum impact (hint: our bestselling Love Letters initials).

A letter necklace is really versatile, and works as a first, middle or finishing layer. We are also fans of including engravable pendants with messages that really mean something to you. Wear a pendant close to your heart, with a special date, name or motto hidden on the back, just for you to see.


Custom monogram necklace  

 1st image: Rope Gold Chain, A Initial Necklace, D Initial Necklace, Infinity Charm Necklace 
2nd image: Star disc necklace, S initial necklace


5. Have fun with it

At the end of the day, this is all about being YOU. Curating your necklace layer is about telling your story, and expressing your individual style.

There are no hard and fast rules, so pile on the layers, mix them up, and rock it like a boss babe. It’s all about the attitude.

And what goes really well with necklace layers? We love pairing them with bold hoop earrings, another on-trend jewellery piece seen on the fashion pack. Tie-front blouses, V neck tops, button down shirts complement your neck party well too.

Layering necklace  Initial disc necklaces

1st image: O initial necklace, Lumina Charm Necklace 
2nd image: Rope gold chain, S initial necklace, Kismet necklace


Now that we have shared our top tips and favourite picks, go pile the layers on with confidence.

We would love to see what you have put together, so tag us on Instagram: #edgeofember and #EOEGirls.

Happy layering!

Initial charm necklaces  Alphabet necklaces

1st image: K Initial Necklace, Moon Disc Gold Necklace
2nd image: K Silver Initial Necklace, A Silver Initial Necklace, Moon Disc Silver Necklace



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