Feb 2024

Protection and Positivity: All About The Evil Eye

Meet our bestselling Evil Eye collection, seamlessly blending ancient symbolism with contemporary elegance. Our inspiration draws from the profound history of the Evil Eye, a revered symbol believed to fortify the body, soul, and spirit, ushering in good luck and positivity for the wearer.





The Meaning of the Evil Eye

Ever found yourself pondering the mysteries behind the 'evil eye' and its origins?

Transport yourself back to 3,000 B.C., where Ancient Greece and Rome laid the foundation. The talismanic 'nazars,' passed down through centuries, emerged as symbols of protection. Traditionally featuring a royal blue and white eye, evil eye jewellery takes center stage in the Mediterranean and West Asia, gracing market stalls across the Greek Islands, Portugal, Israel, Egypt, and Turkey.

Beyond mere adornment, these powerful amulets symbolise not just style but also the warding off of negative energies.




Channel Your Inner Meghan Markle

For those who refuse to leave good luck and protection to chance, take a cue from The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. A prominent advocate for the evil eye jewellery trend, Meghan is often spotted donning captivating evil eye necklaces or delicate charm bracelets. Notably, she proudly flaunted our Visionary Charm Necklace during an April 2020 Zoom meeting focused on women in the workplace, cementing the evil eye's status as a style statement with substance.






Elevate Your Style with Evil Eye Jewellery

Our Evil Eye Jewellery Collection redefines talismanic accessories for the modern-day wearer. Imbued with profound meaning and protective energies, each piece is meticulously crafted with recycled precious metals – think gold-plated sterling silver or 14k solid gold, and set with vibrant blue topaz gemstones.

Beyond their luxurious appeal, these jewellery styles radiate positivity, act as a shield against bad vibes, and safeguard the soul and spirit.

We've got you covered. Browse our Evil Eye & Tarot Jewellery collection here.




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