The February Birthstone - Amethyst in detail

February 01, 2020

Happy Birthday February babes! We've been delving into the depths of the history and symbolism of your birthstone. Let's just say, it's a pretty powerful one. 

Popular for its pretty purple hue. amethysts are believe to have a calming effect and can be used to promote an internal balance for the wearer. 




The has historically always been associated with the month of February, all the way back to Roman times. Also known as the stone of St. Valentine, it has inevitable romantic associations, and is thought to represent true and faithful love. 

Although now classed as semi-precious, it was a pretty damn important stone throughout history. Worn by royalty and featuring in royal collections across the world, which meant that at one point they were considered as valuable as diamonds. 

A well-known talisman for focus and success, wearing an amethyst is thought to enhance creativity and passion, whilst also helping in the development of new ideas and bringing projects to fruition.




So it doesn't just have to be for those of you born in the month of February. Maybe some of these qualities ring true for you, maybe you're striving to start a new project? Whatever the reason, if you choose to add an amethyst to your jewellery collection, let it encourage creativity, imagination and wisdom. 

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