May 2018

Vintage Love with Sophia Rosemary

We love a super stylish babe that rocks inspiring vintage looks as well as she does a positive life attitude. When Manchester-based Sophia Rosemary popped up on our Instagram feed (@sophia_rosemary), we were obsessed. Then she styled and layered up our S and R initial Love Letter necklaces (see picture), and we were hooked for life.

We caught up with Sophia recently to get some insider info on her inspirations, favourite spots in Manchester and her top style tips.




Can you describe your personal style in three words for us?

Comfy, accessible, retro


Your style is quite synonymous with the vintage, Britpop vibe of Manchester, would you say you
 take inspiration from your city?

Most definitely! A lot of my style has drawn inspiration from the music I listen to and have been surrounded by all of my life. Music is such a huge part of Mancunian culture, it's hard to avoid it. I was brought up on Northern Soul through my mum so the sixties/seventies aesthetic has always resonated with me.

What are your top shopping destinations in Manchester?

I love the Northern Quarter for vintage shopping and a good Sunday mooch! I really like St Ann's Square at the moment as well as it has a cluster of my favourite retails all next to each other.




And any favourite spots to eat or just hang out in the city?

There's a lot of new places popping up all over Manchester at the moment. I love The Refuge for food and drinks! For a coffee and a bit of "me" time I normally head to Ezra & Gill.


What are your favourite brands at the moment?

Oooh so many! I'm always a huge fan of And Other Stories and Oliver Bonas. I really love Hades knitwear as well and Ouigal footwear!


What are your top styling tips?

If it doesn't feel comfortable or right don't force it. Strip it back and remember the most important thing is to feel confident!


You must get to travel a lot with your career, what is the most amazing place you have been able
 to visit?

I want to travel more!! I got to go back to Rome this year (but that was through a holiday with my boyfriend), it's my most favourite place in the world!


What are the travel essentials that you take everywhere with you?

Clarin's Detox Booster, a good book, a notepad and a portable charger!


When you’re not travelling and you get some downtime at home, how would you be found spending your time?

At home with my cat and my boyfriend watching Netflix (real Netflix and Chill NOT the innuendo haha) or eating and my boyfriend are addicted.

Finally, how would you describe your accessorising style?

Nostalgic. I wear a lot of rings and they all have sentimental value. I also wear a lot of my mums/gran's necklaces- lockets, pendants that kind of thing. I love jewellery that makes me happy and feels like my own personal treasure...if that makes sense!


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