May 2019

Wedding season is here

Here we are on the cusp of wedding season - there are 14 ASOS packages hidden under the bed, and we have filed our invitations from ‘CANNOT wait’ to ‘Can we just give them that coffee machine we forgot to return.’


Maybe you’re the beautiful bride - congratulations - have you figured out your wedding #hashtag yet? Or perhaps you’re a bridesmaid – we hope you like the dress, but it’s really not about you.  


Working at Edge of Ember, we have access to an array of beautifully-crafted, modern jewellery that we’ve trotted out to weddings and parties time and time again. So, we thought it only fair to share with you our tips for styling your outfit for wedding season. 


Wedding accessories


1.    Modern Pearls


It is said that pearls can keep newlywed brides from crying – tears of joy or otherwise. Our favourite anecdote about these mythic gems is of Cleopatra crushing a pearl into her drink to win a wager on whether she could spend a small fortune in a single meal.

Not recommended to brides, but still. In the organic, wildly-shaped baroque pearls from our new Summer collection, this gem casts off the stuffy mother-in-law connotations making them perfect for modern brides.

Frame your face with our Cove Pearl Earrings or fill a V-neck dress with the Cove Pearl Necklace


Wedding accessories


2.    The Engravables


A lovely idea to create something lasting as long as the memories. On a day of one-offs and never-to-be-seen-agains (it’s not like you can re-purpose the wedding dress,) wear something that can stay with you, always.

Necklaces engraved (for free) with your newlywed initials, the date of your nuptials, the date of your first date – the possibilities are limited only to your imagination and 2cm of 18k gold vermeil.

See the Engravable Collection.


Wedding accessories


3.    Initial Necklaces


This is one for the bridesmaids – because this long-suffering group of women deserve something. So how to make them feel like valued individuals when they’re made to wear matching dresses?

Give them the gift of our bestselling initial necklaces- known to save tears and squash rivalries. In the unlikely event the Kardashian’s are your bridesmaids (shop ‘K’ necklace) see next point. 


Initial necklaces - wedding accessories 

4.    Birthstones 


An alternative – if flashes of gold would be too much of a distraction for the wedding photographers: individual birthstones for the bridesmaids. These charms can be added to any of our necklaces, on their own or paired with other charms (go on, they’ve earned it.)

We just can’t help you remember their birthdays…


Birthstones - wedding accessories


5.    The Guests 


The two major rules for wedding guests: #1 don’t upstage the bride, and #2 don’t wear white.

Apropos rule #1, our simple, modern jewellery, paired with one of those way-too-expensive-but-had-to-have-it dresses would do the trick. Our Journey Charm Necklace for instance with black sapphire stones, or the Rainbow Sapphire Huggies to add subtle accents of colour.

Simple enough not to steal the limelight, but let’s face it, when layered correctly, and with those shoes totally effective enough to steal the bride’s limelight.

You’re a plus one anyway. 


Necklace layers - wedding accessories
Looking for jewellery for the wedding party? We have beautiful bridesmaid jewellery gifts they'll love. 



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