Apr 2019

What is Demi-fine Jewellery?

When you don’t want to choose between the high street jewellery that will fall apart in a week and a Cartier necklace that might cost you this month’s pay, what do you do?

This is where demi-fine jewellery (and we!) steps in. Mixing the very best of fine jewellery and fashion forward designs, demi-fine is for the ladies who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on their accessories, but still appreciate a touch of luxury. 



Our ethical and contemporary design approach to demi-fine jewellery involves using gold plated sterling silver, solid 14k gold, precious gemstones. The result? Everyday pieces that ooze sophisticated style and a Man-Repeller type of cool.

With a more accessible price point and without the sacrifice in quality, the rise of demi-fine jewellery goes hand in hand with the art of layering jewellery. Pieces are great for personalisation, like our popular engravable items, but also offer a unique affordable luxury twist to mass-produced pieces. We recommend going for a birthstone necklace or and adding an initial or two to really amp up the individuality factor. 



Our jewellery is for the empowered female who want to buy jewellery for herself. Because you deserve to celebrate that new job, dumping that terrible ex or running your first marathon.

It’s for the ladies who understand that you don’t have to wait for a special occasion or a gift to enjoy some damn fine jewellery. 



What are some of the best ways to wear your everyday fine jewellery? Tag us on @edgeofemberWe’d love to see you rock your jewels with the cool-girl vibes we know our Edge of Ember girls all exude.

Check out some of our best sellers here, and you can always get us on hello@edgeofember.com.








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