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Why we’re wearing anklets, again.

July 16, 2019

Remember when anklets were a once-a-year summer holiday purchase from those Mediterranean corner stores, next to postcards and fridge magnets? I say once a year because they were made of cheap plaited cotton that disintegrated in the ocean leaving you with nothing but a faint tan line. 

Anyway, they’re back. But not like you remember.

These anklets are grown-up. They’re gold, they have pearls, and they can be worn with your activewear. Our new designs are simple and delicate, we’ve not laden them with charms - we don’t want you to jangle with each step after all – that’s a distraction at the office.

We’ve even road-tested them for you. We wore them on the beach in Barcelona, we wore them on the tube, we wore them to a British BBQ – these things stand up to scrutiny, and couldn’t be further from the pre-teen iterations we used to find on the Costa Brava.

Our Lumina anklet holds a delicate charm set with a black sapphire and radial lines symbolising glowing energy, whilst our Pearl Anklet, part of our Sirena summer collection, was inspired by the chic bohemian beauties of Formentera.