Apr 2021

April Birthstones 101: White Topaz Meanings Explained

If you’re curious about April birthstones, white topaz is a gem you should get to know. This precious stone is imbued with historical meanings and has some pretty impressive healing properties too, so we need to take a second to explain just how amazing it is. April babies, scroll on, you’re about to feel seriously special…

What is the April Birthstone?

Astrology identifies the month of April with either the Aries Ram or the Taurus bull, both of which share the white topaz as their birthstone. It figures, since this gem has strong links to both star signs’ key elements: Fire and Earth. The white topaz meaning goes further than that, though! This stone is revered for its purity, which carries connotations of new life ­­– just like April and springtime.

Although there are a few alternatives, white topaz is Edge of Ember’s chosen birthstone. In fact, we like this gem so much, we’ve launched a whole jewellery collection focused on it: April birthstone necklaces, earrings and bracelets topped with sparkly white topaz.

What Colour is the April Birthstone?

The April birthstone is always white or clear in colour, which is why the diamond has also been linked to this month. We feel there’s something more personal and unique about white topaz however (diamonds are forever and all that, but they’re also best known for engagement rings), so we’ve dedicated our April birthstone collections to this special gem.


White Topaz Meanings Explained


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What Is White Topaz?

This precious stone is a silicate (rock-forming) mineral, one of earth’s natural crystals. White topaz is a variety of topaz, available in a clear or colourless stone. In fact, it’s the purest version – since this stone is often tinted brown or orange through trace element impurities. In its rarest form, this stone can also come in pink and red, while blue and yellow shades are somewhat more common.

What are the White Topaz Meanings?

The white topaz is known as the stone of awareness. It’s meant to aid manifestation and empower your mind, enabling you to achieve your desires easier and faster (talk about a hustle culture motif!).

This stone is said to create order in your life, helping you to find mental clarity and purpose; the vibrations aiding direction and guidance by allowing your mind to channel energy into the parts of the body that need it the most. It’s also thought that white topaz encourages openness and truth, combating shyness, boosting creativity, and improving self-esteem in the process. We couldn’t think of anything more fitting to guide us through life in 2022.

What are the Benefits of White Topaz?

No longer dismissed as strictly hippies b’ness, crystals – as a means to healing, calming or manifesting – are huge right now. In fact, they’re the newest wellness trend taking the world by storm: searches for ‘healing crystals’ have spiked by 40% in the past four years. Basically, whether you’re into mysticism or you just want to inject a bit of positive energy into your life, investing in crystals is always a good idea. Bella Hadid, Kim K, Kate Hudson, Adele and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by them for inner peace and healing, as an alternative to meditation or a lucky charm.

White topaz in particular is mostly known for the metaphysical benefits we described above, but it’s also good for the body – there’s a host of healing properties associated with the stone. It’s best known now for easing headaches and stress, benefiting those who struggle with a busy mind or insomnia; but there were ancient beliefs it was an elixir to correct and stimulate vision.

White topaz is also said to physically strengthen nails, skin and hair. You can leave the collagen supplements at the door, then, and invest instead in some pretty birthstone jewellery from Edge of Ember instead.


What’s the History Behind White Topaz?

There’s a rich history behind the topaz stone. Where its name derived is not exactly known; some say it was named after the island of Topazos in the Red Sea, while others link it with the Sanskrit word “tapas” meaning “fire”. The Egyptians believed the topaz stone was coloured by the sun god Ra, while the Romans associated it with their god of the sun Jupiter.
We know what you’re thinking: fire, sun, Jupiter, for a clear stone? The most common colour of topaz is a yellowy, amber hue, while the pure white topaz April birthstone is a little rarer. One thing history agrees on is clear though: that the topaz stone has huge benefits to its wearer.

Is White Topaz Like a Diamond?

With a hardness of 8 on the MOHS scale, white topaz is a highly durable silicate mineral. Fashioned stones are typically free of visible flaws and due to their colourlessness, they tend to have a glassy appearance otherwise known as a “vitreous” lustre. We think our lab-grown diamonds are kinder to your purse strings (and the planet, obvs) than most, but there are of course cheaper stones out there. The white topaz is a dead ringer for a diamond, so if you are looking for an affordable alternative to the iconic ‘girl’s best friend’, you should definitely try April birthstone jewellery. Yes, even if you weren’t born in April.

Who Can Wear White Topaz Stones?

This brings us neatly to our next point: literally anyone can wear a white topaz stone. If you’re into star signs and symbolism, it’s even more special to imbue your jewellery with meaning – but you can also buy certain stones because of their promising spiritual powers (who doesn’t want to relieve headaches and sleep better!?). Or, simply because they look pretty…

Edge of Ember is very much a ‘you can sit with us’ kinda brand, so we actively encourage branching out and trying all sorts of styles. Which means – spoiler alert – you can wear an April birthstone if you were born in December. Or November. Or March. It’s not cheating and it’s definitely not bad luck.


April Birthstone Jewellery to Buy Now

Invest in April birthstone necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and charms now. Our Zodiac jewellery collection makes the perfect gift for any Aries and Taurus gals and boys in your life…or for yourself, obvs. Our April birthstone jewellery collection is fully customisable, so you can create a unique look with engraving, initial charms and hand-selected birthstone pendants.




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