Your August birthstone - the story behind the peridot Your August birthstone - the story behind the peridot

Your August birthstone - the story behind the peridot

August babes – how lovely it is to celebrate your birthday with sunshine, summer holidays and tan lines.

Enter the Leo season; fiery, passionate and prepared for battle. Your Peridot birthstone is the vibrant, unusual and definitely beautiful Peridot – a bright and unique lime green gemstone often considered to provide healing powers, attract abundance and encourage an open heart.

This gemstone is a symbol of new beginnings, welcoming opportunities and accepting calm and balance back into your life with open arms. Basically, you want this little piece of green joy to be worn around your neck at all times. 

Headache? Peridot. Heartache? Peridot. Birthday drink? Merlot.



Known by the Egyptians as the ‘gem of the sun’, Peridot is found in lava and molten rock. Only one other gemstone emerges this way, it literally erupts from earthquakes and volcanoes.

Like you, it knows how to make a dramatic entrance. Today Peridot can be found in various locations all around the world from New Mexico, to Tanzania, Kenya and Brazil. A truly timeless gem, Ancient papyri record the mining of Perdiot as early as 1500 BC from a place known at the time as Topazo Island in the Egyptian Red Sea.

As if it could get more exotic, it is rumoured that possibly all of the emeralds Cleopatra was famous for wearing, were in fact, Peridots.

Beautiful, intelligent, powerful. Surely you want to follow in the Queen’s footsteps?

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