Your August birthstone - the story behind the peridot

August 01, 2019



August babes – how lovely it is to celebrate your birthday with sunshine, summer holidays and tan lines. You’re a Leo, vivacious and passionate – the wild child is a good look on you, or a Virgo, logical, diligent and practically perfect in every way. What both camps have in common is a connection to the earth and nature, represented in your birthstone – the yellow-green peridot.

The Rockstar of birthstones, peridots are forged in the most extreme corners of Mother Nature - deep inside the Earth’s mantle, brought to the surface in volcanoes. And rarely, very rarely brought to Earth by meteorites. Yep, they’re positively celestial.

Like nature itself, the peridot is a vital and invigorating gem, in Hawaii, peridots were once believed to be the tears of Pele, the volcano goddess who controls the flow of lava. And Ancient Egyptians used peridot as a protective talisman, claiming it to be the ‘gem of the sun,’ because it shielded its owner from the terrors of the night.

The world’s largest peridot is a 310-carat gemstone currently on display in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. Ours is easier to wear.