Jun 2020

Your June Birthstone - the Story Behind the Moonstone

Your June Birthstone - the Story Behind the Moonstone

Known for its eye-catching pearlessence, and special glow, June babes are really in for a treat. We couldn’t possibly have a favourite birthstone, but this one is definitely up there. ;) 

Moonstone is often associated with love, passion and fertility; it is believed to bring great luck.

You should know by now, we always love a bit of a geography lesson in our journal entries. Moonstone can be found in different places around the world like Brazil and Sri Lanka. This gemstone belongs to the family of minerals called feldspars, a group of silicate minerals commonly formed in rocks. 

This June birthstone has been associated with both the Roman and Greek lunar deities (yaas queen), and Hindu mythology claims that it is made of solidified moonbeams.

Perfectly paired with a Gemini’s affectionate and curious traits, we love styling moonstones with our Gold Initial Necklaces for an added bit of personalisation. 

June babes, this is your month to celebrate with picnics in the park, drinks with friends, and a piece of fine jewellery from you to you. 



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