Your October birthstone - the story behind the Opal

October 22, 2019


Goodbye summer, hello orange leaves, central heating, and the long drawn out countdown to Christmas.


Our October babes, you are a Libra, the loving and charismatic peacemakers, or a Scorpio, resilient, opinionated and driven. Your October birthstone is either the pink tourmaline, or our personal favourite, the translucent opal.


birthstone necklace opal november

Representing hope, purity, love and truth – October babes, you bunch of softies.


The Opal is technically (but not really) made of rain. During wet season in places like the Australian outback, showers soak the ground carrying dissolved silica into its ancient rock. The ensuing dry season sees the water evaporate leaving solid deposits of silica underground, which forms opal. Geography class over.


birthstone necklace november opal gemstone


Many cultures revered the opal believing it to be the most powerful of all gemstones. In ancient Arabic lore, opals fell from the heavens during thunderstorms, whilst the ancient Greeks believed that it bestowed its owner with the gift of prophecy, and in the Middle Ages, opal was believed to preserve blonde hair – which, we’re sure you can agree, is by far the most beneficial of its uses.