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Ancient symbols. Shiny new talismans. Shop our jewellery that radiates good vibes, gets rid of bad ones, and protects the body, soul and spirit. We drew inspiration from the symbols like evil eye, four-leaf clover and tarot signs like the star, serpent and hands. These meaningful necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings bring all the good luck. They've got your back.

Meet our bestselling Evil Eye collection, seamlessly blending ancient symbolism with contemporary elegance. Our inspiration draws from the profound history of the Evil Eye, a revered symbol believed to fortify the body, soul, and spirit, ushering in good luck and positivity for the wearer.

Channel Your Inner Meghan Markle

For those who refuse to leave good luck and protection to chance, take a cue from The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. A prominent advocate for the evil eye jewellery trend, Meghan is often spotted donning captivating evil eye necklaces or delicate charm bracelets. Notably, she proudly flaunted our Visionary Charm Necklace during an April 2020 Zoom meeting focused on women in the workplace, cementing the evil eye's status as a style statement with substance.

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