Many people are not quite sure what to do with their old or broken pieces of jewellery that they don’t wear anymore. Donating them to second hand shops can be an option, but most of the time these pieces end up sitting in your jewellery box for years.

We want to offer an easy way for people to recycle their jewellery, and provide an incentive to do so. When precious metals get put back into the production cycle and repurposed, this reduces mining, which in turn reduces C02 emissions by up to two thirds. If we all work together, we can help make a big difference.

- Lynette Ong, Founder of Edge of Ember

The Reality


 tonnes of silver is used every year in jewellery and industrial production.
18% of silver used is from recycled sources. The rest is still mined.
200,000,000 tonnes of CO² is the amount of carbon emissions we save every year by recycling globally.

What We Are Doing

Introducing the RE/Make jewellery recycling programme.

Send us your unwanted sterling silver and solid gold jewellery (from any brand, including broken pieces) for recycling and we will send you credit to spend with us; £15 for sterling silver and £30 for solid gold per piece.

Kind to the planet, nice to your wallet. We love a win-win.

How it works


Contact us using the form below. We will email you a free shipping label.


Drop package off at a post office. Hold on to your tracking number.


Your old pieces get recycled into new silver and gold that is reused for jewellery.


You get £15-£30 to shop with us depending on the metal!

Contact us for a label

Fill in the contact form below with your details and let us know you would like to recycle some of your jewellery pieces. 

We will email you a prepaid shipping label so that you can send us your old silver and gold. 


You can send us 925 sterling silver and solid gold items. Sterling silver items will need to have the 925 stamp, and solid gold items need to be hallmarked. We currently don't accept other materials like brass, steel.
The prepaid shipping label can only be used in the UK. If you are based outside of the UK and would like to send us your pieces to be recycled, please use a shipping method of your choice.
Recycling services are typically only offered on an industrial scale - by offering this programme we are able aggregate our customers' unused jewellery and thus offer you a more meaningful incentive.
We collect these old jewellery pieces and once we accumulate enough, we send it to a Birmingham refinery. The jewellery is melted and cleaned, sterling silver and gold gets extracted during this process and recycled.
Yes, you have six months to use it.