mindfully crafted

“When I started Edge of Ember, I wanted to work with Asian craftsmen because of my Singaporean heritage. People hear that something is ‘Made in Asia’, and they immediately assume it’s cheap, poor quality and mass produced. While this unfortunately can be true, it eclipses the abundance of talent, craftsmanship and tradition out there. These were the people I set our to work with from the start, to celebrate that ‘invisible’ craftsmanship and showcase it on a bigger stage.”

Responsibly crafted by our partners

lab-grown diamonds

We use lab-grown diamonds, sourced from India. While it's true that making diamonds this way does use significant energy, there is no damage to local communities or dangerous labour conditions. Our suppliers partly offset their carbon impact. Ultimately we want to use totally carbon-neutral diamonds in our designs. We're working on it.

recycled metals

Our suppliers work with recycled metals sourced from local Umicore refineries. All the plating is done in-house. So far, two of our suppliers are using recycled gold for plating. But that's just the beginning.

the outside counts too

FSC & Recyclable Packaging.

There is way too much plastic involved in jewellery production. We're proud to say our suppliers send pieces to us in biodegradable zip bag. And all your pieces come to you in FSC-certified packaging.




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