The Pierced Collection

The Pierced Collection

Upgrade your ear stack with our exciting new piercing earrings, crafted with 14k recycled gold, lab-grown diamonds and ethically sourced gemstones.


The first step to building a stack. Studs or huggies work perfectly on the Lobe, the choice is yours.


A striking curated ear involves your Helix, the cartilage that runs around the outside upper part of the ear.


And for the Tragus, the little part of the ear near the side of your face. All cartilage earrings, huggies or studs, fit right in.


Positioned on the inner part of the ear, the Conch piercing is definitely one for the fashionista.


The Daith piercing, found in the fold of cartilage, is one for the bold and adventurous. Clicker huggies work wonders here.

Forward Helix

The forward helix piercing is an eye-catching one. You're spoilt for choice here with all types of cartilage earrings, so get creative.

Flat Rook

The flat rook is the flat bit of cartilage located above the Forward Helix. Flat-back piercing studs are the Rook's best friend.

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