Our Sustainability Story Our Sustainability Story

Our Sustainability Story

The future of fine jewellery

Sustainability Story

The story so far

Our planet is the only one we have, we all need to do our bit to look after it. That’s why sustainable practices and ethical production are central to everything we do at Edge of Ember. We’re here to create fine jewellery that doesn’t cost the earth. Read on to find out more about what we’ve achieved so far and our goals for the future.


So far so good...

  • Carbon Neutral

    Carbon Neutral

    We’re 100% recycled carbon neutral, across production and operations

  • 100% recycled

    100% recycled

    We only use 100% metals and lab-grown diamonds

  • Re/Make


    We launched the first jewellery recycling programme in the UK

Sustainability Story

Our Climate Promise

In order to make progress, it’s important to be honest with ourselves and with you. So, on this page you’ll find our future promise. It lays out where we’ve reached in our sustainability journey so far and where we want to be in 2022 with our three main pillars: People, Product and the Planet. 

We’re proud of how far we’ve come, but we also know we’re not perfect yet. Sustainability is a journey, but it’s one we’re willing to take. Will you join us?

Sustainability Story


Edge of Ember is about more than just jewellery. It’s about the makers behind our jewellery, and the community who wear it. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our thriving community of makers behind the scenes.

Found as far and wide as Thailand, India, China, Italy and Germany, these craftspeople are central to the EoE family. They are all committed to fair pay, safe working environments, unbiased and equal treatment of all, and rigorous environmental care every step of the way.

All of our suppliers are vetted with a social audit, and we only work with those who comply with our ethical Supplier Code of Conduct.

Sustainability Story


Recycled Metals

In 2020, 71% of our products were made using recycled metals. As of May 2021, 100% of our products now use them. That’s what we call progress.

As a result, we reduced our total carbon footprint by 40%, taking our total carbon emission reduction in 2020 to 25 C02 tonnes. That’s the same as 20 round trips from London to New York City! 

Lab-grown diamonds

The same sparkle with much less of the bad stuff. Lab-grown diamonds are physically, chemically and aesthetically identical to mined ones. They’re just created above the ground, avoiding all the negative effects of mining.

Mined diamonds also produce 35% more carbon emissions than lab-grown diamonds, meaning we saved 1 C02 tonne of carbon emissions in 2020 by not using them. That equates to 16,000 phone charges (that’s lot of Instagram scrolling).

Sustainability Story


Measuring carbon impact

We recently conducted a *Life Cycle Assessment to analyse our environmental impact throughout the supply chain and identify areas in our production and operations where we can reduce our carbon footprint. 

Using this, we were able to reach our 2021 target of becoming 100% carbon neutral, something we’re extremely proud of.

Carbon Offsetting

We know that, as a business, it’s our responsibility to balance our desire to create with the importance of minimising our impact along the way. That’s why it was so essential for us to become 100% carbon neutral. To achieve this, we offset any outstanding emissions across the entire business and supply chain by investing in carbon projects.

*Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a methodology for assessing environmental impacts associated with all the stages of the life cycle of a commercial product, process, or service.

Sustainability Story

Community work

In order to give back, we work with a number of community initiatives.

The Stronger Together collection was dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement and raised over £6,500 for both the Black Women's Health Imperative and The Red Card Organisation, an educational charity dedicated to anti-racism. 

We also run charity sample sales twice a year, with 100% of net proceeds being donated to nonprofit organisations that we partner with, such as FareShare, Solace, Women For Women International. We have raised almost £18,000 for charity so far.

How you can get involved

  • Recycle


    Send your old gold or silver jewellery to us (even the broken bits), and get  £15-30 credit to shop with us. 




    We’ve partnered with Octopus Energy who make it easy to switch to renewable energy at home. You’ll get £30 EoE credit and more for signing up.




    Invest in recycled jewellery that’s made to last (like ours!). Take extra care of your pieces and choose to repair if needed, rather than dispose of.


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Want to know more?

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