The only 100% conflict-free, ethical diamonds

No mining, no nasties

Admittedly we had set ourselves quite the challenge (one that lasted two years, to be precise). Even diamonds extracted in accordance with the Kimberley Process have untraceable origins and vague supply chain information. 

So we ditched the old-fashion way of doing things (no mining, no horrific labour stories, no nasties) and embarked on our diamond quest with an alternative, guilt-free and sustainable approach.

100% real, ethical diamonds

We chose to work with lab-grown diamonds, which are created above ground in a controlled environment that emulates what happens beneath the Earth's surface. 

They are physically, chemically and aesthetically identical to mined diamonds, and are graded in the same way. The only difference? They don't harm people, they don't displace communities and they don't cost the Earth. 


Is a lab-grown diamond a real diamond? 
Yes, a lab-grown diamond is visually, atomically and chemically identical to a mined diamond. So it is as durable and as brilliant. It is not a crystal, cubic zirconia or moissanite. 

How is a lab-grown diamond actually made? 
A 'diamond seed' (which is just a very tiny diamond) is placed under extremely high pressure and high heat in a controlled environment and layers of carbon forms over it. It is left to "grow" for 70 - 120 days, and voila - a rough diamond is formed and ready to be cut and polished. 

What energy source is used to grow the diamonds ?
We chose to work with a supplier that uses mainly solar power.  We also purchase carbon credits to ensure the diamonds are 100% carbon neutral. 

How are lab-grown diamonds graded? What grade are the Conscious Diamonds? 
Exactly the same way as mined diamonds - using the 4 C's (Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat). The diamonds we use are VVS1/2. 

Is a lab-grown diamond as expensive as a mined diamond? 
Lab-grown diamonds are less costly to produce than mined diamonds (even before the environmental and human costs are accounted for), and so a diamond of the same quality, based on the 4C's will always offer more attractive pricing.