"The concept of a lucky number - one that brings prosperity, protection and guidance - isn’t so prevalent in the West, but I grew up in the heart of Singapore, where knowing your lucky number is like knowing your zodiac sign – you just do."

- Lynette, founder of Edge of Ember

The tradition itself comes from China and is adopted by many countries in East Asia where ancient myths and superstitions still play a part in contemporary life. The luck of a number often depends on its pronunciation (as in, does it sound similar to the word ‘puppies’ or to the word ‘gangrene.’)

Much like a zodiac sign, your lucky number is not a random selection, but rather calculated at birth by a formula decided many, many moons ago.

In true East meets West style, we’ve put together a calculator to help you find yours.

Hands down the luckiest number in Chinese numerology. Work it into your daily life as muchas possible. Things are great? Nope they’re gr8. You’re running l8? Going on a d8? And so forth. You have a wonderful head for business and can achieve great things.

As a person you are idealistic and adventurous, likely be seduced by foreign countries and cultures. The number 9 in Chinese signifies longevity. Lovers are encouraged to send 99, 999,or indeed 9,999 roses to their partners to declare eternal love. Imagine that showing up at the office...